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Partnership/Loan Investment Funding 


Meeting the onshore and offshore servicing demands that are inherent with long-term project financing








The global shortage of trade finance is crushing small businesses worldwide and, with 60% of SMBs unable to get financing, trade finance is vital and we deliver. Even if you’ve been turned down elsewhere, we can provide the trade financing you need.

We bring decades of international trade finance expertise to bear on every transaction, providing real-world trade finance solutions with an array of funding options to individuals, companies, governments and NGOs throughout the world.

We recognise that financing the purchase of a home will probably be the largest financial commitment that most people will ever make. We will advise and recommend on mortgages specially tailored for first time buyers, mortgages for people moving home or wishing to change mortgage provider and mortgages for people making a fresh start after the break down of a relationship or in the case of financial difficulty. We also advise on offset accounts for people who wish to combine their mortgage with their other financial accounts



We are the solution you need to your financial support. We Offer all kinds of loan packages, the prime objective of our services is raising funds from our principals/investors to grant loan and to fund businesses world-wide



                  Multi-purpose Finance/Loan Project

Are you seeking for partnership or loan in a multi-million dollars investment venture? We are interested in investing in your business through our wealthy principals/investors across the global.



Worldwide Venture Capital


We will be pleased to assist you no matter what your funding requirements are. If you have been turned down by banks or financial institutions, we can help. As project financiers, we pride ourselves in using creative ways to provide the funding you require during these difficult economic times.

Global Finance Capital has been in the International Project Funding business since 1986, during that time our ability to evolve in these ever changing economic times has led to our success. We have continued while many financial institutions have failed, our proven track record is testament to that.

We provide Venture Capital Funding all over the world, in numerous currencies. We have given life to projects that have gone on to create both wealth for their owners and secure jobs for workers in many countries.

Global Finance Capital has had the privilege of working with numerous national and international brokers, attorneys, banks, financial institutions, insurance companies as well as many large and small Project Owners.


We believe Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure



Our professionalism and confidentiality towards our clients over the years, has allowed us to work with both governments, public listed companies, professional service providers and private project owners.

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+44 7529187405


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